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Celebrating Individuals Who Embody the Spirit of Dedication!

One more successful Saturdays of Success event where we gathered to honor extraordinary individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and community. The energy was electric as heartfelt stories of resilience and purpose filled the room, uniting us all in a shared commitment to progress and inspiration.

This month’s theme, Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Purpose, and Inspiring Progress, resonated deeply as we recognized individuals who lead with passion and drive positive change in our community and beyond.

🌟 Congratulations to Our Honorees:

  • Manuel Esteban Martinez: A dedicated leader and advocate for equitable education.
  • Marlene Rosas: A beacon of resilience and dedication, overcoming challenges with grace.
  • Kristine Halliwell: A trailblazer in health and wellness, inspiring with her tenacity and vision.
Mastering Public Speaking Workshop at AUL

We are thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent “Mastering Public Speaking” workshop, led by the esteemed Marleny Cruz, CEO of SOS Multi-media group. This event was a transformative experience for our middle school students, equipping them with essential communication skills and boosting their confidence in public speaking.

A highlight of the day was witnessing our students’ impressive improvisation skills during scripted scenarios. From reporting breaking news to delivering a weather forecast and guiding a museum tour, their creativity and poise on stage were commendable.

AUL Spring Showcase: Talent, Creativity, and Community

The Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School hosted its annual Spring Showcase, celebrating the diverse talents and hard work of our afterschool clubs. The evening featured captivating performances in dance, drama, singing, culinary arts, and visual creativity. We were honored to welcome Sara Peña, Director of External Affairs at PSEG and former Director at the New Jersey Department of State’s Center for Hispanic Policy, Research, and Development. During her visit, Ms. Peña engaged with our students in a Q&A session, allowing them to showcase their communication, public speaking, and media skills. The students dedicated significant time and effort to preparing for this special day, and their hard work and commitment were evident in their performances. Schedule a visit today to experience their nurturing environment: Visit

Celebrating Heart-Centered Leaders: Stories of Success from the May SOS Magazine Edition

Step into the gallery of this Saturdays of Success event: Heart-Centered Leaders Edition, where we celebrated the May edition of the SOS Magazine and honored the incredible leaders among us. SiFu Karl Romain and Dan M. De Nose took center stage, sharing their powerful stories of compassion, empathy, and relentless drive for positive change.

As you scroll through these captivating images, you’ll feel the genuine connections and the uplifting energy of the evening. It was more than just a gathering; it was a profound celebration of authentic connections and impactful stories. Congratulations to our heart-centered leaders, and thank you to everyone who made this event unforgettable. Here is the link for the full Magazine edition: