Terry Fierro is a recently retired public school educator who is reframing aging with intel, grace, dignity, and verve. She began her career in the energizing business world of New York City, holding both administrative and marketing positions. Thereafter, she decided to
return to school and pursue her passion to teach. With over twenty-five years in the classroom, Terry has taught every age from Kindergarten to College. One of her most rewarding groups of students continues to be the bilingual ESL population. She finds that they are dedicated to learning English and work hard to improve on their language skills.
Determined to realize all future fun projects and experiences on her bucket list, Terry now enjoys freelancing in the “Gig Economy”.
Over the past year her accomplishments have included published writing in both humorous and motivational aspects, as well as resume, content, and letter-writing assistance. The multi-passionate entrepreneur also enjoys public speaking, workshop design and
implementation, acting, and modeling. She has recently completed a series of workout videos soon to be publicly released for sale on HSN. You can also find Terry as a tour guide in New York City in the warmer months.

Terry is thrilled to be co-hosting “Listen, Laugh & Learn”, where she is eager to share the expertise of her guests as well as the camaraderie of her co-hosts. She truly believes that one needs to be engaged in exploring diverse interests while having fun and making a
contribution to the betterment of society. Terry is an accomplished example that living your best life is so much more than achieving good health and financial security. These days living life with authenticity and vitality are equally important facets of living in the 21st Century.

Terry lives with her two daughters, a high school student and college sophomore who attends Barnard College in New York City. She is a nature lover who enjoys hiking, biking and yoga, as well as long walks on the beach off-season. When not being curious and meeting new people, the avid traveler can also be found with a good
book while reveling in “JOMO” The Joy of Missing Out. Brimming with “what’s next” energy, Terry’s purpose in this stage of her life is to fearlessly pursue new passions, share soul-satisfying conversations and laughter, and to support others in feeling seen and heard.