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Welcome to “The Marvelous World of Marabelis Cruz Show hosted by five-year-old Marabelis Cruz and co-hosted by her proud mother, Marleny Cruz. Marabelis is a bright, happy, and curious young girl who loves to explore the world around her and learn new things. She has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and is always coming up with new ideas for businesses and products. In addition to her business sense, Marabelis also has a unique affinity for police officers!

Each week, Marabelis and her mom take to the airwaves to share their adventures and talk about all things entrepreneurship. They discuss topics like school work, homework, friends, and everything that is of interest and excitement to Marabelis.

But that’s not all – as a young girl with a curious mind, Marabelis is also fascinated by police officers! She loves asking them for a badge and taking pictures with them. She even asks them to do the salute with her! This natural inclination is incorporated into the show, as Marabelis and her mom interview police officers and talk about their important role in keeping our communities safe.

Marabelis and her mom also explore other areas of interest, such as science, history, and art. They interview experts in these fields and ask them all sorts of questions, from “What inspired you to become a scientist?” to “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever discovered?”

In addition, “The Marvelous World of Marabelis Cruz Show” includes fun facts, jokes, and riddles to keep things lighthearted and entertaining. And of course, there’s always time for music and dancing too!

Overall, “The Marvelous World of Marabelis Cruz Show” is a unique and engaging radio program that’s perfect for families who want to learn and have fun together. Join Marabelis and her mom each week and discover the world of entrepreneurship, police officers, and more, through the eyes of a precocious four-year-old!

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