Living in Blissful Dissatisfaction ~ Deliberately searching for continuous and ever-evolving growth!

Quote of the day: Ï am deliberate and afraid of nothing” Audre Lorde
Special guest John Gaspar spoke to us about his positive outlook in life and why he lives blissfully dissatisfied. John Gaspar is a Marine Corps Veteran and a full-time New Jersey Realtor®. He was brought into this world by immigrant parents from Portugal and spent his childhood in Kearny, New Jersey with his two older sisters. In 2011, he answered the call to action and enlisted in the Marine Corps. John has been fortunate to explore fascinating places, meet incredible people, and experience the world from another perspective. His military deployments include providing humanitarian aid to a group of islands in the South Pacific and John also deployed to Afghanistan in support of the withdrawal of US military personnel and equipment. John served as a Marine Corps Embassy Security Guard in The Hague, Netherlands; Cairo, Egypt; and Karachi, Pakistan. During this time, his mission was to protect embassy personnel and prevent the compromise of national security information and equipment. In 2018, John received an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant (E-5) and returned to New Jersey in search of a way to serve others while earning a living. He reflected on what captured his interest and decided to enter the real estate industry as a full-time Realtor®. John’s personal philosophy is simple, become the best version of yourself every day. He owes his positive outlook on life to books, mentors, personal experiences and as well as other people’s experiences. John found that the receiving process begins with giving. He lives in a state of blissful dissatisfaction, never satisfied with his current circumstances. Above all else, John understands the importance of being present in the moment.   

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