ASCEND Radio Show

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ASCEND is a ground-breaking radio show that takes you on a journey to master your mindset and manifest your greatest desires. Hosted by mindset coaches Sifu Romain and Marleny Cruz, this show provides a comprehensive roadmap to rewire your beliefs, cultivate an abundance mindset, and embody the emotional frequencies that will transform your dreams into reality.

Through their dynamic co-hosting approach, Sifu and Marleny blend ancient wisdom with modern mindset techniques to help you unlock your full potential. Each episode dives deep into one pillar of the transformative ASCEND

A - Activating Self-Awareness
S - Shattering Limiting Beliefs
C - Cultivating an Abundance Mindset
E - Emotional Mastery
N - Nurturing Inspired Action
D - Developing Unwavering Self-Belief

With powerful coaching exercises, insightful discussions, and a nurturing community, "The ASCEND radio show" equips you with all the tools to ascend as an unstoppable force into your dream life. You'll learn to silence inner critics, embody the frequency of your dreams, and take inspired action from your highest self.

Whether you want to manifest your soulmate, dream career, financial abundance or optimal health, this show will reshape your mindset to energetically align with your desired outcomes. Prepare for profound personal transformation as you listen and implement the teachings.

Tune in every Sunday at 12 pm EST on SOS Radio Live for an inspirational dose of mindset reprogramming and start co-creating the life you truly want to experience. Your ascension begins now with "The ASCEND show!