Landlord or Tenant…Which one are you?

The market is hot, again! …Especially for investment properties. Uran Blakaj, multi-state leading mortgage broker, expands on what it could look like for you to become a landlord vs. tenant in 2023

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BEHIND THE SCENES with Former NFL Cheerleader “Scenic Woods”

Former NFL Cheerleader and Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Jamelyn Williams aka “Scenic Woods” announces this week’s Super Bowl performance and talks to us about how working at a high level and high-pressured environment has prepared her for future success!

Playing The Cards You Are Dealt

Playing the Cards You Are Dealt with Special guest, Julian Talley, former New York Giants wide-receiver, former real estate agent turned real estate investor/advisor and entrepreneur. Julian has a very interesting and calming approach to life in general and how to play the cards you are dealt. This is real, raw, and uncut advice from […]

“Reality TV” or Real Life?

“Reality TV or Real Life?” Of course, the controversy is always whether or not reality tv is “real”. However, some of the MOST famous people in show business became stars from casting on a reality tv show. Let August, show producer and actor from Houston, TX give you his take on the “real” for all of the action behind the scenes.