Be resourceful 

Who said you need money to make things happen? Actually, you can work with what you have, and find a way to nail it. New York marketing guru turned realtor Kelly Hall, tells us how to win by creating unique solutions in the most challenging situations.

Working the Gig Economy

From acting, to modeling, to child care and photography, Carolina Parra has done it all.  She shares her wisdom as she speaks about the benefits and pitfalls of working freelance in the gig economy.

How Transforming Justice Can Heal our Communities

Acclaimed criminal justice Reformer, Victoria Pratt, offers a path forward by treating offenders with respect and decency.  Her procedural justice posits that people will obey the law if treated with dignity and fairness by the justice system.

Purposeful Passion through training Seeing Eye Dogs

Debbie Servidio raises puppies to guide blind people.  In pursuit of her mission, she has raised four puppies and has a community outreach to educate the public about the use of dog guides and the capabilities of people who are blind.

Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Month 

Wing Shan Ho is an Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Culture.  Her interests include film, media, literature, gender and cultural studies.  As a published author of Chinese studies, Wing will speak about how it feels to be Asian in America today.

Technology: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Join in on the technology conversation while hosts Marleny Cruz, Terry Fierro and Gail Mitchell talk about the good, the bad and the ugly about the current use of technology. 

Chocolate Delights for Mother’s day! 

Federica Heiman is a freelance boutique chocolatier based in Montclair, NJ.    As an entrepreneur, her Dolce Federica specializes in small-batch creative delicacies.  Blending traditional scents and flavors with innovative processes she instills a deeper appreciation of cocoa and its myriad manifestations.

Creating an Equitable Path through Music

Clifton Boyd is a Ph.D. candidate in music theory at Yale University. This fall, he will join the faculty of New York University’s Department of Music. His mission lies in revealing the intersection of (racial) identity, politics, and social justice in American popular music.

Perspectives of a Ukrainian American Pastor

Father Oleksii Holchuk originally from Ukraine arrived in the United States 6 years ago.  He now leads his congregation at Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Church in Clifton, NJ.  Speaking about the strength of his parishioners as they pray and support family and friends in Ukraine, he is hopeful that peace will prevail in his homeland.