Holistic Mental Health for Children and their Families

Mental health is a very important element and factor to pay close attention to, especially in recent years. Host Marleny Cruz is accompanied by special guest Dr. Nicole Beurkens, licensed clinical psychologist and nutrition specialist, to speak about holistic mental health for children and their families. 

Develop the Ability to Transcend the Suffering In Your Life

Life can be very difficult at times, suffering and pain are unwanted visitors that threaten to take our peace and stability away. At the same time, suffering and pain are a normal part of life that we have to learn to live with and to trascent it in order to allow it to make us stronger […]

“Indecision Is the Thief of Opportunity” Jim Rohn

Indecision can cause a lot of wasted time, anxiety and stress, which in the end,  can sabotage our ability to succeed. Learn about the things you can do to not allow Indecision to be the thief of the opportunities that may come your way. 

Make Fear Your Friend with Guest Speaker Dr. Carla Manly

Dr. Carla Marie Manly is a clinical psychologist and wellness expert based in Sonoma County, California. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Manly is deeply invested in her roles as an author, consultant, advocate, and speaker. With a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach, she specializes in improving professional and personal relationships through mindfulness and healthy communication skills. Viewing self-development as […]

Check & Shift Your Paradigms

To check your paradigms means to check your standard, perspectives, perceptions, philosophies, thought patterns, theories, and set of ideas that influences the decisions you make and governs your life. Know what your paradigms are and revisit them, dissect them, analyze what effect are they having in your life and recalibrate whenever necessary.

The Virtue of Temperance

Balance and self-control play a big role in living a happy and successful life. It is important to check back with our moral compass and develop the virtue of temperance for a healthy and balanced life.

Defend & Guard Your Honor And Reputation Fearlessly

Building a reputation takes years, sacrifice, and hard work, and destroying it takes seconds. Take your time to do your do diligence to protect, guard, and defend your honor and reputation at all cost. Defend your honor fearlessly, as your reputation will follow your name for the rest of your days. 

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success” Frank Sinatra

Don’t waste your time or energy planning revenge against those that did you wrong, the best and sweetest revenge is to obtain massive success. Be determined to be successful despite all of those that wish you wrong and you will not only thank yourself for it but you will also give your enemies the worst medicine they can […]

“Be A Student, Not A Follower” Jim Rohn

Better formulate your own perspective by exposing yourself to a variety of points of viewExpose yourself to different points of view, dissect them, study them, evaluate them and come up with your own conclusion. Appreciate the other side of the debate to defend and/or straighten your own. Take advantage of all the different perspectives, ideas, and mental food that is available to […]

The Truth Will Set You Free

When you are willing to acknowledge the truth in your life and take responsibility for the consequences of your truth as it unfolds, you will find that the truth will set you free, you will no longer be bounded by the burden and trap of the lies you once told yourself.