Making Your Career Your Contribution

The essence of life itself is the contribution that you are here to make. We spent so much time of our lives in our work environment, that the best-case scenario is to have the ability to make your career your contribution. Tune in to find out how. 

The Emotional Effects of The Pandemic

On this episode, we’re discussing the emotional tolls of the pandemic and ways to cope. With guest, psychotherapist, and public speaker, Sheila Robinson-Kiss.

How to survive fear

Fear is a very negative and unpleasant emotion that limits us, makes us weaker, and lowers our self-confidence. We must learn to overcome fear in order to rise above and beyond our potential. In this episode, we will speak about how we can survive fear to thrive in life. 

How to manifest your dream life

Do you have a dream life you want to manifest? If you do there are a few key and very important steps, traits, skills, habits, actions you should own in order to do so. Join us in this episode as we discuss what the secret ingredients to manifesting your dream life are. 

Learning about the real danger of repeating 2007 all over again

In this episode, you will learn exactly what happens in foreclosure and how to get the foreclosure to not show on your credit   You will also learn how everyone can help in keeping values from tanking as they did from 2007 to 2017. And yes, this is about to start this summer.