Building a Professional Support System

It is extremely helpful and essential for your professional growth to have a professional support system in place. It provides you with opportunities, resources, information and skills necessary to expedite and accelerate your growth. Listen to some advice on how you can build your own or join a professional support system. 

The Secret to Learning How to Love Your Job

There are ways to fall in love with what you do so that your passion and your career can bring you fulfillment and joy. Host Marleny Cruz takes a dive into this topic with special guest co-hosts educator Terry Fierro and  Attorney Gail Mitchell. 

Conflict Resolution In the Workplace

It is important to learn how to professionally and effectively deal with conflict at the workplace by dealing promptly and equitably and taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue at hand as best as you can. 

Important Transferable Skills for Career Success

Transferable skills are universally essential in any industry, job and/ or company. They contribute to your success and the success of any team, customer, or organization. Learn about what some of these skills are and how they can make you a true valuable asset to any company. 

Professionally Develop and Maintain Your Social Networks

The resources and opportunities you can have available to you at any given time will increase tremendously if you diligently work on professionally developing your social networks. Networking is essential in being able to take advantage of career opportunities that can be beneficial for you. Be sure to tune in to find out more.

Professionalism In the Workplace

There are many things involved when it comes to professionalism at the workplace, many things are the same regardless of the industries and other things will be specific to a certain industry. It is important to have clarity as to what professionalism means for the particular company you represent and carry yourself in that fashion. Make sure you […]

Feedback and Recognition In The Workplace

Giving both feedback and recognition in the workplace is essential for a productive work environment. Find out how feedback and recognition can improve the quality of work and the environment at work.

Healthy Competition In The Workplace

Healthy competition in the workplace genuinely motivates employees to reach their goals through natural competition. In a healthy competitive work environment, everyone has a chance to win.

Shine Your Light In The Workplace

Let your radiant light shine bright and light up your place of work. Be a positive person, be a go-to person for motivation and inspiration. Be that person that will lighten someone’s heavy day with something as simple as a smile or a word of encouragement. 

Mental Health In The Workplace

Keeping up with your mental health is very important in order to maintain a healthy and professional work environment. Learn skills and activities that can help you have mand maintain good menta hygiene at work.