“Become the Leader you Wish you Had” Simon Sinek

We can all speak about those leaders that are not leading correctly but the question is are we? The answer to any question about why someone else is not leading would be to “become the leader you wish you had” — Simon Sinek. 

“Trust But Verify” Ronald Regan

Special guest Gail Mitchell, a divorce attorney for 39 years, and Marleny Cruz speak about what former president Ronald Regan meant when he said the words, “Trust but Verify”. They dissect and decipher how these words play out in the professional and personal arena. 

Make Friends With People Who Want the Best For You

It is in your best interest to look carefully at your inner circle of friends, do you have people surrounding you that truly want the best for you? Associate with people that are happy for your success and sad about your failures. Surround yourself with people that can uplift you and bring out the best in you. 

The Power of Purposeful and Goal-Oriented Content Intake

There is power in being purposeful about the content that you consume. Everything we receive is kept in our subconscious mind. It is in our best interest to make sure that we consume content that is productive, useful, motivational, inspirational and can help us grow. 

Pay Attention to Who You Become, More than What You Get

We are all molded and shaped by the situations, circumstances and experiences we encounter in life. It is essential to allow everything you are ever a part of make you a better person. Be mindful of how the things, places, and people you are surrounded by influence you and who you become as a result of […]

Predictors of Lifetime Success

There are specific abilities, skills, talents, personality, and traits that are predictors of lifetime success. Host Marleny Cruz and special guest Gail Mitchell, Esq. will be diving into what some of these are and sharing information on how you can set yourself up for success.