Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

There are steps to take and things you should know in order to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, tune in to learn about your options and the steps you should take to repair your credit after bankruptcy. 

Credit Advice You Should Not Follow

Following our credit series, this episode speaks about the bad advice that is commonly heard about credit that you shouldn’t follow and why. 

The Framework of Great Credit

This will be the framework encompassing all the shows about you need to survive, get and keep a project credit score.

Masters of Homeownership

Learn about some of the flaws of the credit score system There are flaws in the credit score system that you must know and be aware of to protect yourself. Learn about the discrepancies that often occur and how to protect yourself. 

Winter Maintenance That Can Save You Time And Money!

During the wintertime, there are many repairs and maintenance routines that should be followed in order to keep your home in good condition. Our guest Bill Vantassel speaks about winter maintenance that can save you time and money.