Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Join us for an in-depth series about dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), a great tool to manage emotions. With special guest, Dr. Kirby Reutter!

Follow Your Instincts

In this episode, we’re discussing how/when to take action according to your instincts and the possible pitfalls of not listening to those instincts. With special guest, clinical psychologist, Dr. Hayden Hartmann!

Fire Prevention Tips

Tune in this Sunday for an informative conversation about fire prevention. With special guest, retired batallion chief, Brian Greene!

Firefighters’ Recognition

Join us this Sunday for a great show to highlight the incredible work of firefighters. With special guest, retired battalion chief, Brian Greene!

Create Your Own Destiny

Join us this Sunday for a great debate about how to create one’s future/destiny. With guest, clinical psychologist, Dr. Hayden Hartmann!

Faith In Action (Part 2)

On this episode, we’re delivering the second Installment of Faith in Action. With guests, pastors Matthew and Marilyn Pierre!

Faith In Action

Join a powerful conversation about faith in action with Pastors Mathew and Marilyn Pierre.

A Story of Resilience

Description: In this episode, meet Brandon C. Jones, a burn survivor with an unfathomable story of pain and resilience.

Do Unto Others

Join us this Sunday for an informative episode titled: Do Unto Others. With your host, Dr. Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso.

Understanding Narcissism

 In this episode, we’re shedding light on the true definition of narcissism and its effects. With guest, psychotherapist, Sheila Robinson-Kiss.